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ISSN: 2079-567X

Volume 8 • Number 1 • April 2012


Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Bangladesh: Legality, Reality and Perception

Md. Ashraful Alam, Md. Iqbal Mahmud and Mst. Pari Banu

43 – 54

Wisdom of Customer: A study on Private Airlines of Bangladesh

Mohammad Rezaul Karim, Md Ziaul Haque and Mohammad Sarwar Hossain Islam

77 – 87

An Observation on Marketing of Bangladesh Tea

Dr. Samsul Islam Latifi

88 – 98

TQM as a Tool of Management Development: An overview

Md. Shahriar Hossain Talukder and Md. Aminuzzaman Talukder

99 – 115

Critically Review on Land Reforms in Bangladesh

Dr. Abdur Rahman and Fatema Qumrun Naz

116 – 121

Microcredit Management Policy of Addin Welfare Centre: An Overview

S. M. Tazuddin and Md. Ferdausur Rahaman

122 – 134

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164 – 167

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