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General Information:

1. Manuscript must be computer composed in English with Double space, not over 15 pages in 12 size font of Time New Roman in MS word file and for Bangla with Double space, not over 12 pages in 12 size font of SutonnyMJ in MS word file.

Menuscript Decoration:
Manuscript should contain Title, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods (Methodology), results and discussion. Acknowledgement (if any) and References. These subtitles, however, are not necessary in case of short communication.
a) Title:The first page should bear the title of the paper with author (s) name and corresponding address (s). It should be clear and short.
b) Abstract:The second page should begin with the title of the paper with ABSTRACT within the limit of 150 words. It should include only the results achieved by the authors.
c) Introduction: Introduction should contain background and justification of the research work. It should be concluded with a statement of objective (s).
d) Materials and Methods: should contain a concise account of the research procedure.
e) Result and Discussion: should preferably be combined and presented the principle findings of the study.
f) Tables, Graphs and Figures: number should be minimal. Numerical data must be presented in either table or graph. Table should be typed on separate sheets.
g) References: All publications cited in the text should be presented in list of references following the text of the manuscript. The references should be arranged alphabetically giving surname of authors, initials, year of publication, title of paper, name of journal in full (or in abbreviated from conforming to the international list of periodical Title Word Abbreviations), volume and first and last pages of the references.
Use the following system for arranging your references: APA Style/ ASR Style:
i. For periodicals Bearman, Peter and Hannah Buckner. 2001. "Promising the Future: Virginigy Pledges and First Intercourse." American Journal of Sociology 106:859-912
ii. For books Bearman, P. and Buckner, H. (2001). Promising the Future: Virginigy Pledges and First Intercourse. American Journal of Sociology 106, 859-912 or p. 945.
iii. For unpublished works Refer to unpublished works only in the text, in this manner (H. G. Zandstra. unpublished). (D. W. Norman, personal communications).
In the text a reference should be quoted by the author's name (without initial) and data (in parentheses). If reference is made to a publication written by more that two authors the name of the first author should be followed by “et al.” This implication, however, should not be used in the list of references i.e. all the authors’ name should be cited. References holds two or more names in the text should be arranged chronologically e.g. Paulsen et al. 1983: Agata et al., 1989. The list of references should be arranged alphabetically on author's name. Publication by the same author in the same year should be listed as Kanemasu, 1982 a : kanemase, 1982 b etc.)
Submission of the manuscript:
1) Soft copy of the paper in MS word should be submitted by E-mail ( attachment.
2) Declaration: All authors are requested to sign a declaration form that the work was carried out by them and the contents of the paper were not published before in other journal. A sample of declaration form enclosed here.
3) Manuscripts not conforming to the aforementioned rules will be excluded from the editorial process.

Decleration for Banglavision or World Vision
1 Name of the Title
2 Name of first author
3 Profession/Designation
4 Organization
5 Address with contact Phone /Cell number*
6 Email*
7 Fax (if any)
8 Fax (if any)
Co- Author’s information

This is to declare that the above information is correct and valid. I am also declaring that the research work of submitted article (mentioned in point) was carried out me/us and the contents of the paper were not published/ submitted for publishing before in any other.

Author's Signature & date.


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