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Welcome to Banglavision or World Vision Research Journals


Banglavision foundation is a government registered non-profit social organization in Bangladesh with branches in different districts/upzila/countries for sustainable development of Bangladesh run by a central Executive Committee. It publishes two research journals (i.e., Banglavision (ISSN: 2079-567X) or World Vision (ISSN: 2078-8460) Research Journal) both online and offline under BVF with various research related updates and information. It arranges national seminar, conference, dialogue and workshops ect. in different socio-economic and environmental issues of Bangladesh.


  • Arranging seminar, symposium to familiarize the organization to the people.

  • To work for the marginalized people of the society especially in the con text of social welfare.

  • To take initiative to enhance the horizon of literature, culture, scientific educational institution by the foundation.

  • Establishing library to broaden the outlook of the community people.

  • Reducing the misery of poverty affected community by providing vocational education and self employment related training to them.

  • To provide the best health care opportunities to the people the foundation wants to establish clinic, health camp and hospital.

  • The foundation wants to enhance consciousness of the people in the arena of sanitation, gender equity, environment, civil rights and duties, safe drinking water distribution, bad impact of alcoholism, caring of mother and child, aids etc.

  • Awarding stipend, scholarship or providing financial assistance to the meritorious students of secondary, higher secondary, honors, master’s level that belongs to economically marginalized family.

  • To help the government by executing the right to the information act.

  • Working as a helping hand in the context of GO- NGO interventions.

  • To contain the indigenous cultural pattern the foundation wants to help those people who are involved with stage play, folk song.

  • To work for the rights of the indigenous people of the country.

Donation Appreciated

As a non-profit organization, we greatly appreciate any donations we receive. Monetary donations are always accepted but we are often asked what else we could use. Below you will find a list of items that we would greatly appreciate...

  • Food

  • Towels

  • Blankets

  • T-Shirt

  • Denims

  • Any Garments Items.


If you would like to send us a donation, please mail us:

If you would like to send monetary donation:

Md. Ahasun Habib
Account No: 150780009593
BRAC Bank Ltd.
Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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