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Vol. 8 No. 1 June 2012

Natural Hazard and Human induced Hazard:
A Discourse of Disaster and Social Vulnerability Analysis

Md. Mahbubur Rahman Senior Lecturer in Anthropology,
Center for General Education, Northern University Bangladesh.


A theoretical and conceptual orientation in disaster and social vulnerability research that attempts to benefit from the two extreme positions (environmental and social determinism) is advocated here. The environment is neither entirely separate from human populations nor is it a static or equilibrating phenomenon. Environments and humans are intricately interrelated and codetermined. Change in one affects change in the other; consequently they can be said to co-evolve. Most recently, in the field of social sciences, researches have integrated environment, human, landscapes, and space as part of meaningful interpretations of social context and social change. This review elucidates the complexities and contextual specificities of population-environment relationships in a number of domains. This study explores the ways in which demographers and other social scientists have sought to understand the relationships among a full range of population dynamics (e.g., population size, growth, density, age and sex composition, ethnicity, migration, economy, urbanization, the nature of government) and environmental changes. This paper also shows the broader social, political, and economic processes and institutions that frame human interactions with the environment and influence human behavior and decisions.

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